Strolling Like a Mother

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 What is Strolling Like a Mother®?

The purpose of Strolling Like a Mother® is to facilitate friendship, family & fitness. We are more than just a mommy group.

Strolling Like a Mother® is an hour long stroller workout that includes core work, cardio bursts and resistance training. Our kids are along for the ride and are entertained through song, rhyme and other activities. Classes end at parks where kids can play on the playground and moms can socialize. A healthy, happy mom makes for a healthy, happy family!

Why Strolling Like a Mother®?

A traditional gym setting can be intimidating to some women, especially following the body changes that occur during and after pregnancy. Here, you are surrounded by other women who know exactly how you feel! Many new mothers prioritize their families’ needs over their own needs, meaning they fail to return to the physical shape they were in prior to pregnancy

Strolling Like a Mother® allows you to bring your children to class with you, preventing the need for child care while allowing you to get in shape and model a healthy lifestyle for your children. Finally, SLAM gets you outside!

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In case of location change, please check our website, Facebook page, or contact Cat Harner 1 hour prior to class.

January 2018